Company Profile

Bliss Construction, LLC has been an active entity in construction and related fields since 1992. The company offers full-scale services from General Contracting through Design Build. In addition, Project Management and Owner Representative services are available.

If you are considering a new building or renovations to an existing building, Bliss Construction has the unique ability to personalize that project and make the entire experience rewarding from every aspect. With more than 35 years of experience, the level of service offered is unequaled in the construction industry. Their expertise at maintaining a cost effective approach is unique in the construction field. They strive at providing a complete and composite overview of the work prescribed. In addition, they stay “tuned in” throughout the process to assure the Owner that the final product is and has been completed per the specifications and in the most cost-effective manner available. In today’s economic climate, their keen knowledge of costs along with their ability to utilize effective cost-control means and methods provides their clients with a level of confidence in the work at hand.

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