Consulting Services

In most instances and with most types of projects, there is a need for a varied degree of consulting services. At Bliss Construction, we have the ability to provide many facets of these specialized
services. From project viability through cost evaluations and analysis, we have the experience to get you through the initial phases of your particular project through and including the final items to be wrapped up on a punch list. In every instance and, more importantly, today, we are constantly charged with being as efficient as possible in and with every aspect of a project.

Our ability to provide full-scale consulting – including site analysis, exploratory work, and professional design team selections and recommendations, is an invaluable tool at your disposal. We then continue by working through the municipality hurdles and assisting in obtaining the necessary approvals while maintaining our focus on the final goals established. With our assistance, the process can and will be a more streamlined effort. This allows our clients to deal only with the options available and to not continually run into dead ends and roadblocks from the project’s commencement through its completion.