Management Services

Bliss Construction has the experience and expertise, through their long-standing commitment to this area, to provide a wide-range scale of management services. From condominium certifications to condominium restorative projects, they have the ability to act on behalf of the Owner and deal with the day-to-day operations of any number of projects.

Possessing the knowledge gained over 40 years in the construction industry, they have an unequaled ability to deal with the toughest projects and to assist the Owner by taking on the position of acting as their representative in overseeing the prescribed activities. This service is extremely valuable to condominiums or similar entities where Board’s of Directors are charged with composing a project that will benefit the entire group they represent. Bliss Construction has worked in this very regard for numerous clients where that liaison becomes a necessary element of project of this nature. Due to their ability to work with both Boards and Committees, they can and will make the process faced easier and see that it is completed without unnecessary complication.

The management services provided can also be extended to any and all types of building projects or development. Again, it is due to Bliss’s vast and long running experience that this service is available and can only make the process a better one for the Owner.